Our mission is to develop and set the benchmark for doing business in Papua New Guinea and abroad, guided by Christian values and principles.


The Mobo Group of Company Limited (MGCL) was incorporated by its directors, and registered with the PNG Investment Promotion Authority (PNGIPA) in 2006. The initial original core business of the company was the provision of medical health care services to the remote rural masse populace and the urban disadvantage; however since then, the company had business expansion and subsequently established its subsidiaries. Our goal is to provide outstanding service delivery to our customers. MGCL is backed by our multifunctional team of highly qualified personnel both at Strategic Management and Operational levels. MGCL believes in its capabilities to deliver services beyond clients’ expectations.

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Mobo is a leading PRIMARY HEALTH CARE SERVICE PROVIDER, together with its complimentary Pharmaceutical services providing basic primary health care to the rural populace and the urban disadvantaged. We are based in Gerehu Stage three (3), serving the urban disadvantaged; having served in the remotest places in KIKORI DISTRICT hospital, KAPUNA rural hospital, TINSLEY Baptist rural hospital, in MUL BAIYER electorate, LUMUSA health center, UGINI aid posts, etc.…Our Vision is to be the Primary Health Care Service Provider of Choice for Private Public Partnership (PPP) with the National Government, Provincial Governments, Faith Based Organizations, and Non-Government Organizations, in the delivery of basic primary health care service to the people.

Our Vision

To do quality business using biblical principles: “be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue, and have dominion”: genesis 1: 28

Our Mission

Develop and set the benchmark for doing business in Papua New Guinea and abroad guided by Christian values and principles.

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