Last updated November 02, 2020

MOBO Pharmaceuticals has an online global store which is primarily for the medical professionals and health industry in Papua New Guinea and to individual consumers.  We provide shipping by air, sea or land freight.  Our policy and practice with regard to shipping meets the requirements of a diverse product range and requirements. 

We understand that arrangements for shipping must be appropriate to the product we supply:

  • The diverse properties and individualized nature of pharmaceutical equipment and consumables including medications and vaccines
  • Risks to patient health from improperly transported pharmaceuticals
  • Laws and regulations governing pharmaceutical products
  • Need for temperature regulation to keep products in a temperature range that’s often much more restrictive than other types of goods
  • Proper insurance cover is made for all our shipments.

MOBO follows international regulations with regard to its products and our quality systems meet these requirements

  • Our phamercuitical must meet the Health regulations of the country of origin of these drugs and equipment e.g. FDA approval
  • If dangerous goods are shipped, they will be done so under the highest HAZMAT laws and requirements
  • Substances such as vaccines will be shipped according to individual temperature controls and requirements as determined by manufacturers whose products, we advertise on this website
  • Best practices for shipping each pharmaceutical product, as determined by its manufacturer
  • We will provide protective packaging and meet strict guidelines for transporting our online products

Special provisions for temperature control:

  • Dry Ice: This powerful chemical refrigerant is still widely used in cold chain logistics, but it can be challenging to handle safely. However, when you want a product kept at freezing temperatures or below, dry ice is still the industry standard.
  • Refrigerant cold packs: Many items such as our vaccines must meet regulated temperature controls as specified for the storage and transport of cold chain vaccines. These temperature controls are highly regulated in the MOBO distribution and warehousing facilities. Refrigerant gel packs MOBO opts for are reusable, recyclable, and non-toxic.
  • Insulated coolers: Heavy-duty Styrofoam coolers are used by MOBO as a  supplement to other cooling methods like gel packs, thanks to their ability to prevent heat transfer.

Our Pharmaceutical products often require specialized packaging solutions and shipping materials to meet their unique needs. MOBO will either transport the goods ourselves under strict controls or use a highly professional and licenced transport provider.  Our goods will be shipped using appropriate packaging material for air, land or sea freight using

Our transport and logistics is a vital part of our accredited quality system and as such is subject to audits and constant quality control.  We can provide transport to remote areas and provide security services where applicable. Journey plans are put in place to ensure the arrival of your order is made in accordance with best practice.

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